Floral perfumed large tattoo bag

Big temporary tattoo pack : over 50 perfumed temporary tattoos. Those tattoos are flower perfumed, totally awesome !

Flowers and butterflies in wonderful colours for your kids.

1 savvi bag of perfumed tattoos.

9,99 € tax incl.


Perfumed tattoos

Chose those awesome tattoos : flowers with a floral perfume, dinosaurs with a chocolate flavor, sealife blueberry flavored and fruit perfumed strawberries !


Flower tattoos

The flower and butterflies designs are full of colors and smell so good ! 


Kids tattoos

The size of the tattoos are well adpated to children, they will love the colors and the perfume.


Temporary tattoos

Kids just love having a tattoo and no doubt they will make all their friends smell the flowers on their skin.